Meet Equator Server - new step in retaining big data.

With over ten years of experience in designing large data warehouses for telecommunication companies, CopperEye has accumulated a massive expertise in processing the two primary telecom data types - call detail records and IP detail records. A CDR storage engine should above all satisfy the tough requirements for query performance, while for an IPDR storage engine keeping the disk space required to retain the data as low as possible is paramount.

CopperEye Equator Server is designed to efficiently address both challenges. It introduces two storage engines, utilizing modern NoSQL approaches to allow instant queries and low data footprint without using indexes.

Equator architecture makes it optimal to create large CDR/IPDR retention warehouses, which are quickly becoming a necessity for largest telecommunication providers of today.

Product's key features are:

  • Two storage engines to find a balance between performance and storage density
  • Nearly instant queries against petabytes of data
  • Smart data compression
  • Easy integration via HTTP or JDBC API
  • Simplicity of setup and administration

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If your data footprint and performance requirements are not so tough, but you need to keep data in original format, Greenwich Server is your choice. Greenwich is the proper storage to meet three challenges of Big Data - Volume, Velocity, Variability.


Greenwich Server is designed to handle huge data volumes. Patented technology makes it possible to index billions of records per day and query against terabytes in seconds on a commodity server. Federator component allows to create a distributed installation with dozens of servers.


CopperEye technologies allow to make new data available for querying in real time. Keeping data unchanged in source files eliminates the need for ETL process, data becomes available for retrieval right after the file is discovered by the server. And CopperEye index makes queries blazing fast.


CopperEye introduces a flexible cartridge system that allows to load and query any type of structured or semi-structured data. Standart cartridges can be configured to index call detail records, IP records, bank transactions, stock market data and other enterprise data types.

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